works in collaboration with numerous qualified providers with proven service programs to increase affordable housing choices across all of the residential neighborhoods of Denver.



A Turnkey Solution

will contract to purchase, on a turnkey basis, completed new group homes at diverse locations with a diverse group of service providers and programs all aimed at serving as transitionary and stable long term housing for those in need.  From Women with young children through to sober men, we aim to create a positive home environment that will help our residents get back to a stable and productive life.  Our small group homes are designed to create a sense of community among the residents, all of which will be struggling from similar life challenges providing a great opportunity to build strength together.



Governance, is a Colorado non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) entity. is governed by a multi-member board of trustees (“Board”) comprised of community leaders and others, who will establish and, as appropriate, revise the criteria to purchase, lease, finance, and sell part or all of’s portfolio.

The Board will be supported by a to-be-formed Advisory Board to provide information and data to support the decisions of the Board and to enhance the knowledge and engagement of the general public to support’s mission. It will have an open-forum format where affiliates, providers, builders, employment training and placement companies, and community support groups can offer their insights and support.


Founder:  Ralph J. Nagel is President of the Nagel Foundation, established in 1994 which has made over $30 million of investment in the Denver community. Ralph was a Founder of Alliance for School Choice (“ACE”). Over the last fifteen years, it has supported over 2500 low income students to attend private and charter schools of their choice. He is also Founder of Meridian Retirement Communities and is a Board of Trustee member of Denver University and Washington University of St. Louis.